Oil Refineries - a monopoly.
 Dead-Sea - a company with world-wide sales.
 Carmel Ulifinim - a petrochemical company.
 Haifa Chemicals - a large fertilizer company with 2 plants.
 Dor Energy - gasoline stations.
 Ormat - thermal energy turbines.
 Hyundai - South Korean conglomerate.
 Brand Industries - manufacturer of metal construction.
 Oil & Energy Infrastructure - a monopoly of oil pipelines
     transmission transmission and tank farms.
 Indigo - traded on Nasdaq. World leader in printing technology.
 I.E.C - Israel Electric Company, a monopoly.
 Teledata - traded on Nasdaq. Telecom equipment.
 Israel Aviation Industry - $B1.5 sales.
 I.D.F - Israel Defense Ministry.
 The Biological Institute.
 S.G.S - Israelís largest real estate private group.
 Baran Engineering - largest engineering company in Israel, 1,200 employees.
 D.E.L Projects - civil engineering company.
 Milomore - edible oils.
 Israel America Paper Mills - largest paper company in Israel.
 I.A.A. - Israel Airport Autority
 Supersol - leading supermarkets chain.
 Blue-Square - traded in NY, second largest supermarkets chain in Israel.
 U.M.I - GM - cars.
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